Saturday, June 25, 2011

chevron love...

I have been wanting a bright piece of art work for the house for a while now.  The prices of art is well out of my price range, and I have seen lots of DIY piece, and I had canvas and craft paint and a brush. So if this didn't work out I wasn't out anything :) It was a time consuming project manly because it was all free hand, but I love it!!! Now I just need to find exactly were I want it, my orginal plan was to place it above the fireplace, however we ended up mounting our tv there so now Im thinking of doing a large picture\art wall right at the entry way. Without further ado my project....................
The bottom isn't even but I still love it, perfectly imperfect:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

THings I MUST do...

I need this in my craft room.

This would look amazing in the girls room....

front door??????

would work wonders in my suv!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my "must do" list!!!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Judy moody and the not so bummer summer.....

Hailed is finally to the age were we get to have our girlie outings and her actually understand she gets quiet time with momma. Judy moody and the not so bummer summer was playing at the Harkins and I knew hails had been pining to see it, plus her sister is staying with us for the month and I know that movie was right up her alley.
Well the stars aligned and daddy had a training and gma rose was willing to babysit the boys, and us girls got to spend most of Thursday shopping and eating yummy food and of course go to the movies!!!!!!!!!! The girls got the cutest outfits at target,shoes hat everything we got to eat at one of our favorite spots and finally watched a pretty cute movie, there's alot of kids shows out that I can't sit and watch. I always sensor what hailee watches but I can't sit and watch them. This one did not fall in that category at all it was super cute.Hope you enjoyed the pics.....



Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun patriotic Project

I saw this project somewhere and I can't remember for the life of me were,I was looking on my phone and I suck and didn't favorite the website.
So by no means was this idea mine, but it was so cute, and I had spare pieces of beadboard laying around and the local store selling craft paint super cheap so this projected costed all of 3 bucks!!!!! Cheap and easy and cute 3 of my favorite things!

This was it before I antiqued it, see the cute little shoes in the bottom yep that was my helper, he's super cute!

and this is after its antiqued I really loved the antiqued look it makes me happy:)
I also redid my front entry way and amd super in love with it!!! pics to come tomorrow:)