Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hello from...............

North Carolina!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well technically hello from new mexico! We are currently in the process of driving to north carolina for christmas!

WE will be staying for 7 days of total relaxation and I can't wait to get there, then headed down to stay on the coast for a few ddays, after that road trip through georgia and anywhere else!!!
Hope everyone has a merry CHRIST mas and a happy new year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Breast cancer walk fundraiser

Thursday morning before school, hails and momma( me) were standing in the bathroom putting her hair up and she started talking about giving money to breast cancer( Im not sure were she figured out the whole breast cancer ribbon stuff but she did ) and she asked were she could get the money from and I said I wasn't sure, the subject was dropped and we talked about something else,and then right as we finished her hair-do she got so excited and said " mommy I can do a lemonaid stand"  and from there we planned out her Lemonaid and pickle stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ariel was home this wknd so she was excited to help out little miss hails too! we set up about 10:30 saturday morning,  and 5 mins into gettting everything set up Hails had her first costumer! I seriously have never seen the girl so excited! after that the girls both watched for cars to get close and the minute they did they both started jumping up and daown and yellingout why they were selling lemonaide!!!!!!!! If I didn't have to little boys crawling\running around it would have been much more enjoyable, but prince charming ended up getting called into work so we made do!!!!

Like I mentioned in my last post Ariel's mom is walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk for the cure. This will be her second time walking the 60 miles for every woman she knows, and even the ones she doesn't know! Here's the link donate if you can:)      Help A mermaids momma walk!

Blogs to Check out.....

As we all know I blog stock like a crazy person, I am constently looking for fun new blogs to read! Whether they are crafty blogs(MY fav) but I love home decor, inspirational and a ton more blogs!
SO I thought I would show case some great blogs!

So if your in for some lovely crafts check out,



If crafting isn't your thing, how about some uplifting ispirational blogs!

        Kind over matter


A mermaid and her momma , inspiration, wittyness, and tons of fun! Guess what else this lady is walking in the 60 mile breast cancer walk for not only the first time the SECOND time! The hard part is she has to raise 2300 dollars!!!! Thats alot! So help her reach her reach her goal by Donating to her walk!!
My little hails already did! ( different post) coming soon!

A few other cute blogs that lurve to read is


The pleated poppy

Hope you enjoy some of these blogs, I know I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

busy bee..

As everyone knows I love love to crochet, most things I can figure out without a pattern, but some things are lost on me. The problem I have is I have a really hard time reading patterns, actually most patterns I don't get at all!!!! Then searching through etsy a while ago I found a wonderful little shop, Innerhooker! Her prices are amazing and her patterns are Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No seriously a beginner could make just about anything in her shop! She also has a fun blog, and some seriously gorgeous babies!!!!!! anyways heres a sneak peak of some yarn goodness!!!!!!!
 For hails for Halloween i bought the owl pattern( well actually months before i bought it so I had plenty of procrastinaiton time before i started) but it came together so quickly, and easily, seriously this woman is amazing!

not the greatest picture but my daughter isn't exactly easy to photograph! have made a few others like her bow flapper hat, hails loves to wear it everywhere
Tell me that is not gorgeous!!!!!! still need to make me one too:)
now go check her out,Innerhooker, oooh and while your at it go check out her blog, The oxford fam, search thru her archives, its a blast!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Spooky Fun!

I love holidays! Anything I can decorate for really! Halloween is always fun! Im not into the skulls\bloody yucky decor or anything thing like that. I like the fun kid friendly witches and pumkins ect. So while I was browsing thru decor Ideas I found Amanda, she has the cutest little mason jars ( have I ever mentioned how much I lurve mason jars for just about anything!!!!
 So I tried my hand at it! Well I totally forgot them outside and it POURED down rain:) I was so sad! Only one survived:)
THat was the only one to survive:( Considering trying again but then again who knows:) Def. go check out Amandas blog for tons of fun stuff!!!

Cross Country!

So are weekends have been full of running, literally running:) Not by us thank goodness by Our little Redhead!! She joined the cross country team at her school!!!! Yep! she's a runner! Her first race she made 62 out of 100-115 kids( sorry I dont remember exact numbers) and was pretty bummed:( Let alone is felt like it was 150 degrees outside!!
But she keep trying and her second race she made 37out of 95!!!!!
Last weeks race she made 14 out of 50!!!!!
 Yes she is amazing !!!!

The trip home after her second race she was passed out under a blanket asleep 15 mins after we headed home!!! I took pictures of her sleeping in the car but they seeem to have disapeared off my phone( yes I did pull over before I took the pic! hello Im a safe driver:)

But here are a few taking by everyone at the meet enjoy!!!!!!!!

                                                                     A and Daddy<3
                                                            A and her mom & dad
                                                                          The princess

Sunday, October 17, 2010


in·spi·ra·tion (nsp-rshn):
 Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity.
The condition of being so stimulated.
An agency, such as a person or work of art, that moves the intellect or emotions or prompts action or invention.  Something, such as a sudden creative act or idea, that is inspired.
 The quality of inspiring or exalting: a painting full of inspiration.
 Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.
The act of drawing in, especially the inhalation of air into the lungs.

What is your inspiration?
Mine is so many things. My kids, my husband, nature ect. Sometimes however I get tired, everyday life is exhausting sometimes. My biggest problem is I stress ALOT and about the smallest things, I forget to let go, and let God!! Prince charming is constently telling me this! Let go Rebekah and let God work it out for us. Seriously on a daily basis he tells me this! Which is a total switch because 2 yrs ago that  was me telling him that. I was the positive one, the roles have reversed big time!
Thinking about it the other day I stumbled over a blog I love!!!!!!!love love love!!!!
Kind over matter it's such an ispiring blog!
THis is the post I found and saved:)


Monday, September 20, 2010


Morning smile from one of my favorite boys!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blogger AWAL...err..MIA

Did I even spell that right? is there a way to spell that right?
Any ways I have been MIA I like that a ton better than AWAL (I know I know may not even be a word, def will be googling that later)
Anyways my reasoning? Life I guess, Hails started school, and getting on a schedule with the boys has been a hassle(especially when daddy is home 4 days straight a week) And daddy is way more fun than mom and her scheduling so we end up doing whatever for the 8 hrs hails is at school! It doesn't bother me to much, we get things done, like my secret project I posted like two months ago:) its still not done which is slightly frustrating, but we did get the grass slightly green in the front yard( the summer killed it) we got the weeds down too:) How is it that weeds can grow amazingly in the summer but the grass and flowers the burn!! We also got the fencing in the back part of the yard up need to go get more so we can get the sides fenced in to! Then gravel for the back driveway! Then maybe a nice barn\shed for all prince charming crap!
Either way we have been busy around home in my defense! But I do plan on blogging more:) I promise! I know I have said that before!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Late night crafting and a pillow obsession!

It's 11:30 here and in all reality I should be in bed sleeping, resting before I am awoken at 5 am by a little girl who is WAY excited to go to school, but I am not! I am blogging about late night craft projects( the only kind i have time to do) . Anyways I have an obsession over pillows lately, ever  since I made this one
for hailee girl for her nap time in school!

I want to make some throw pillows for my couch, but haven't went and picked out material yet, so I decided to make hailee a pillow for her bed and then one project lead to another!!!
SO with no further waiting here are my late night projects:)

THe pillow:)


And the apron!!!


yes it is tied around her pillow give me a break everyone was sleepin gand I needed a model!!:)
hope you enjoyed a little piece of my creative-ness:)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

were o were have i been

I promise I have a good excuse for blog slacking, my pretty princess started school!!!!! yes i have a kindergartener!!! ok well i was I was not excited, I cried my eyes out, but did wait till after we left her in her cute little classroom in her cute little uniform:) I have cried every day since everytime I drop her off! It breaks my heart to see her walk away with her backpack(that is twice her size) and she looks so little, like she shouldn't be leaving me yet. I think the worst part is not see what she is doing every few minutes, not being able to watch her playing babies and barbies all day long, and not being able to protect her every minute of the day. I guess thats a part of life though, it reminds me of the book I just finished (well finished a few wks ago) Pieces of happily ever After ,I loved this book, it made me, laugh and cry all within a few pages.
Anyways her is the passage form the book, that came to mind when I watched princess pea walk thru the school gates.
             I don't have to be a psychic to know that your love for your child is a heartbreaking kind. I love her so much but I also know one day she will leave me and be out on her own. One day she'll say goodbye to princesses, then Barbies, then Bratz, then High School Musical then Hannah Montana. And then, one day, me. As much as I love her, she is not mine forever.

 You hold her hand, She holds yours. One day she holds it only when she's sure no ones's looking. But she eventually lets go and doens't hold it for years and years and years. Then one day she holds it again. But this time it's because you need her to. She helps you cross the street.
And one day, if your life is as perfect as it can be, she buries you and continues on without you. She'll long for your hand in hers. She'll imagine it in her dreams. And the best you can hope for is that you've taught her well. You hope she doesn't make mistakes, but of course she will. And hopefully, she'll feel your phantom hand holding onto her and comforting her through it all.

    With that I will leave you with pics from princesses first day of school:)
This one breaks my heart:(
Reading the kissing hand, tear tear ;(

Sunday, August 8, 2010

COunt your blessings sunday:)

This bloggly fun COmes from the wonderful lady over at Lifes moments, she reminds us all to remember the blessings in our life!!!!
So heres mine

I am thankful for tissue because I know I am going to need it tomarrow:( The minute I have to leave my princess at school I know I am going break down:)

I am thankful for mothers and mothers in laws:)

I am thankful for a comfortable safe home to live in

I am thankful for paint it comes in so many colors and makes me so happy

for that matter i am ever so thankful for color and creativity both are amazing:)

and as always I am ever so thankful for my husband and kids and extended family!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

CLoset envy

I am a not-so-organized girl, seriously ask prince charming he would tell you the same thing, actually he would tell you i would lose my head if it wasn't attached..........

Anyways I am working hard at getting organized and throwing out stuff we dont need or use...
Starting with my closet!!!!!I have tons of cloths from when I was skinnier and younger and Its a bunch of stuff that isn't comfy to wear especcially with 3 kids running around,
I wanted to show you pics of a closet I fell in love with, Now  I only wish I knew were or who did the closet I had them saved on my computer and didnt save were they were from, so whoever did this closet (BECAUSE IT WASNT ME OR MY CLOSET) props to you and can you come do my home makeover:)


They aren't showing alot of the closet but you get the point ( the stencils had me hooked)


THen theres mariah careys closet who the heck wouldnt want that closet!

Then theres this cute closet from organize it cheap, what little boy wouldnt love to get dressed in the am!!!


ok i must get back to cleaning we are headed to prescott to get paint soon so ta-ta for now :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

sneak peak at................

The Denmark homes latest project..........
should be done tonight if not tomarrow after noon................


back soon with the finished results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christ mas in July!!!!!!!

Looking thru The pleated poppy blog ( I love her blog if I have never mentioned that before) I ran accross her recipe section in the side bar and there was actually 2 recipes that I am making today, the first one is already made and its the Wassel recipe!!! All I have to say is yum actually super yum!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's like having christmas in july, and makes me long for christmas to be here!!! Seriously I was looking at holiday decor and stocking patterns today!!!!

Well without further waiting heres her recipe!!!

4 cups of tea

4 cups apple juice

4 cups cranberry juice

1 cup orange juice

1/2 cup sugar

cloves and cinnamon sticks

simmer on stove all day. make house smell like christmas. make tummy's warm. add whip cream. maybe add a little more

Now skip on over and check out the


San Diego weekend!

This weekend was the last weekend before we had to start getting ready for school to start up:( and Prince charming and I actually have a child in school now!!!! Ariel before is ussually back at her moms before school so we have never really had to worry about bedtimes (yes they have a bedtime but we have always had the option of  going away whenever he wasn't on shift at the firehouse) now that is no longer as possible because hails will be starting school!!!!!!!! I know i can't believe my baby girl will be a kindergardener!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its crazy it seems like just yesterday she was little tiny!!!!!! Anyways back to the point. Last wensday we decided out of the blue we wanted to go away for a night and san diego, its a little bit of a drive, maybe 4 hrs but its not horrible and I lvoe love the ocean!!!!!!I swear I was ment to live in California!! Anyways we got a hotel room and saturday morning off we went!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My camera however went out halfway through the trip so i used Lees awesome garminfone( seriously this is a great phone gps internet and all the other regular stuff)
anyways I haven't even tried to mess with my camera because im scared to :)



Natures pedicure:)





post it note tuesday!

WEll you know the drill supah momma says it the best

Why bother wasting your breath, spewing verbalness... when you can simply sum it all up in one neat n tidy little post it note.

Why bother wasting your breath, spewing verbalness... when you can simply sum it all up in one neat n tidy little post it note.

Here we go.........................






Sunday, July 25, 2010

count your blessing sunday!!!!!!!!

Ok well I misses last weeks:( So i am doing this week during my early morning coffee\blog time!

I am thankful for the day spent with my 3 kiddos and my husband yesterday in pheonix! it may have been yucky hot but we all had a blast!

I am thankful for my parents! They are the best parents and G-parents around!

I am thankful for sunshine I know its hot but I couldn't imagine have endless days of cloudiness(even if i say i would love it ) sunshine is good for the soul!

I am thankful for the bible I have read and researched issues in it so much, and I love being able to answer hails question on topics and answer from a biblical stand point:)

I am thankful for my little char char he was so cute this weekend at ikea I asked him if he thought the little girl in front of him was pretty and he turned around and said no mommy your the more cutest girl ever:)
I almost cried!

Theres my thankfuls were are yours???

Friday, July 23, 2010

Car seat redo..................

I loved my carseat\ jogging stroller  set up for aj, ok the stroller not so much!! Aj is 8 months old and normally in a few months or so he would be getting a big boy carseat. Well my baby at birth was 4 lb 8 oz!!! By the time we left the hospital he was 5lb 5 oz!!!! AT 5 months he still only weighed 8 lbs, at 8 months he only weighs about 13 lbs which is hard to believe because he eats like a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways he is gonna be in his lil' man car seat for a while:)
( pause to listen to the thunder and smell the RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!finally )
so I want to redo his carseat and I found this wonderful lady on etsy!!! she has tutorials for sale for bigger carseats to!

def considering buying a tutorial!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swimming Fun..........

So it's hot extremely hot, but we all know this because well it's AZ and it's always nasty in the summer!!
Well since it's so hot we have been doing alot of swimming at grandma and grandpas house!! If the next house we have is in az, it had better have a pool!!!!!!
I forgot my camera like always but here are a few crappy sidekick pics:)
Aj loves water , but he loves his sleep even more:) so there aren't any pics of him yet!!!!

Post it note tuesday

So I am back on the blogging wagon!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!

you guys know the routine.............