Sunday, July 25, 2010

count your blessing sunday!!!!!!!!

Ok well I misses last weeks:( So i am doing this week during my early morning coffee\blog time!

I am thankful for the day spent with my 3 kiddos and my husband yesterday in pheonix! it may have been yucky hot but we all had a blast!

I am thankful for my parents! They are the best parents and G-parents around!

I am thankful for sunshine I know its hot but I couldn't imagine have endless days of cloudiness(even if i say i would love it ) sunshine is good for the soul!

I am thankful for the bible I have read and researched issues in it so much, and I love being able to answer hails question on topics and answer from a biblical stand point:)

I am thankful for my little char char he was so cute this weekend at ikea I asked him if he thought the little girl in front of him was pretty and he turned around and said no mommy your the more cutest girl ever:)
I almost cried!

Theres my thankfuls were are yours???

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