Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Photos I love

My little angel was ever so patient while momma used him as her little model!
How could you not show him off, this child has every cuteness gene possible! Ill even be nice and let you oogle over a few
more of my sweetness!

                                                    And a cute picture of munchkins 1,2, and 3!!!
                          Im becoming addicted to adding pictures, so I am going to head to bed!!
                              tomarrow however I will be taking my riddling rack to the firehouse,
                                                         so my hubby can help me finish it!
                                                                   Pics to come of that!

Project fun 2

                                          Ok so here is my second project or first glimpse of!!!!

                                  I know what you are thinking! what the heck can she do with that!
                                              well I guess you will have to check back and see!!!!

Project 1!!!

I found tons of wine bottle holder ideas on the internet, and months of looking to by or make one I finally found one! Its a Riddling rack, seriously contemplated on buying one on etsy, however decided it would be much more fun to make one or help make one( as much as princecharming would let me help)anyways heres a picture of it partly done!

I really wanted the really rustic chic looking wood so I went out and found some!!!
The wood actually was FREE out in the dessert and an old abandoned shed!!
I still plan on adding a slight tint of stain to it and a glass so its not to splintery( if thats a word lol)
and of course stangering holes for wine bottles!!!

Anyways thought I would give you a glimpse at it before its done!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

first project of 2010!!!!!

on my adventures through blog lang I stumbled across this project and fell in love with the little hats!!! Hailees bday is monday so I decided for her bday party I wanted to make a few!! Such a lucky girl!!!! I also found this amazing mamma and fell madly in love with her blog!! So pretty I adore anything pink and there is tons of it on there! SHe has some amazing ideas for lolli pops!!!

anyways here is the picture of the hats now go vistit the blogs!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First post!!

ok well for my first post what shall I post??? A picture I just recently took!!