Saturday, June 30, 2012


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life rearranged

The kids have a way cool dad, he took them to pick out a hamster:) They all sit in a circle and let it run in the ball between the all!!!

 AJ discovered the iPad, and loves the little phonics\animal game. I let him play the other night trying to get him to go to sleep, he ended up playing for 2 hrs laying next to me on the bed! I can't get over how cute his little fingers are on the screen!!
 The boy sleeps with us every night, most the time when Lee is on shift I don't mind having him cuddle with me, this particular night I am pretty sure i ended up with no room on the bed:)

 Yuck weather has been horrible, hot,   and humid and the trips to phoenix seriously are miserable!!!! Especially with leather seats!! ouchie!!
 I am so amazed and sad how fast this pregnancy went by, 35 weeks on monday, and I am pretty sure It'll only be a few weeks (like 2 maybe) after that before Baby B makes his arrival!
 instead of going to phoenix we took a trip up the mountain to beautiful prescott!! 88 degrees and gorgeous!! Ariel and hailee had so chore money they wanted to buy books with and so we headed to the mall only to find barnes and noble had closed, and in its place lunier golf! I despise golf and so daddy took all four kids to play golf while I got to walk around and shop at the  mall!!! sweet!!!!!

Sometimes I forget how gorgeous inside and out this girl is! she has a heart of gold, and Im so blessed God entrusted her to me!
 Daddy daughter enchilada team, our favorite dinner!!!
 What was I thinking scheduling maternity photo shoot in az in july!!!! ugh it was hot 107 right before hailee and I got out of the car to get started!!! But I am so excited to see the pictures!!!
 School shopping for Ariel = so stressful, finally I gave up and sent her momma a picture of the shorts, that ariel thought were to long! Crazy child! I had never been so happy that Hailee wears uniforms to here school, and totally give Nicki props for patience during school clothes shopping with a pre-teen!
 I have been dying for a farmhouse\work bench island for our kitchen I lve the rustic look mixed with modern and after stalking craigslist and thrift stores with no luck, I finally found the perfect one! It had been in the huge shed we just got rid of the entire time!!!! I am so excited to finish it up, along with the rest of the kitchen!!!!
  I have no words these boys own my heart and are so so so adorable!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

35 weeks...

35 weeks yep I can't believe it!! Time has flown by, Im actually a little sad its almost over. Its our last baby, and well Im a Little sad I will never feel a little baby in me again!! Anyways little Brantlee Scott is definitely growing, we had his last ultrasound a week ago and he weighed 4 lbs 3 oz., he is already almost the same size Adrian was when he was born( 4 lbs 8 ozs) so Im thinking he'll be about 6 lbs when he arrives!!! I haven't decided if I want to go for the elective c-section, or try a vbac? They both have cons and negatives! I however better figure it out soon, because honestly I think he'll be here around 37-38 weeks!!!
Either way I have been nesting like a crazy person, and have a few projects to come back to show you tomorrow!!!!!