Saturday, April 30, 2011

Make a wish:)
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 Tball has been a ton of fun for Hailee, she has been figuring it all out and now really enjoys it!
It has been fun watching her learn, and I enjoy seeing her out with other kids. It amazes me how fast the last 6 years have gone by, I remember when she was just my little baby girl!

 Seriously I remember when these two littles were just that little!! Now look at them big littles, almost makes me want to cry.
 The plus of living in az weather warms up pretty fast, so we have spend the weekends out and about.
This was the first yr Ariel has really got to take off on the quad by herself(not far) and not have to have an adult on it with her. She loved taking the kids on short little rides in the water, it amazes me how fast she has grown up!
 The boy loves the water, we seriously have a hard time keeping him away from any kind of water.

We plan on goi;ng out to box again SOON, we wanted to go this weekend but hails had a game and ariel has a competion tomorrow. Either way I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

busy as a bee...

CRazy busy has what our lives have been lately, and of course the first thing to get neglected is my blog! Sad I know...but what can a girl do? Hailee started t-ball so now twice a week we have the 20 minute drive to town and an hour or so of her practicing( do you know how board the boys get on an empty field, because im a mean mom and won't leave hailee at the field and take them to the play ground to play) then we have our trek back home at 7 at night to get dinner and get homework done and in beddy by! yes those are some long days! We have also been finishing up ourwood flooring and paint, and my sister is due in the next 3 weeks and I have been working on her baby shower!
And I got the pleasure of getting to make her crib bedding!!!!!!!!! yes I was so excited! this is on top of sewing and making deco for her baby shower with my sis in law and my momma!!!!!!! now We aren't throwing one of the baby showers with streamers and baby stuff( not that thats not totally fuun too) see this is probably one of the only baby showers we will get to throw for my sister( remember she's moving clear to wyoming) so we wanted it special and beautiful! Picture billowing white curtains(yes i know az what were we thinking) pretty sage green decor green grass a pool white glowing lights at dusk.... ok thats enough not that my sister reads my blog she's not really up to date on technology. Dont tell her I said that though:)
Anywyas her and I set up the bed today and put the bedding on , because I couldnt wait till sunday to show her the bedding! It was gorgeous and I ergh....she loved it:)

These are black berry pics ( I really did try to clean the lense off from my son sucking on my phone) but hope you enjoy...

we did decide to do a dark brown edging on the blanket to match the skirt im making this week!

THis is the little pillow i made first time embroidering and yes my fingers are sore!!!!
hope you enjoy!