Saturday, April 30, 2011

 Tball has been a ton of fun for Hailee, she has been figuring it all out and now really enjoys it!
It has been fun watching her learn, and I enjoy seeing her out with other kids. It amazes me how fast the last 6 years have gone by, I remember when she was just my little baby girl!

 Seriously I remember when these two littles were just that little!! Now look at them big littles, almost makes me want to cry.
 The plus of living in az weather warms up pretty fast, so we have spend the weekends out and about.
This was the first yr Ariel has really got to take off on the quad by herself(not far) and not have to have an adult on it with her. She loved taking the kids on short little rides in the water, it amazes me how fast she has grown up!
 The boy loves the water, we seriously have a hard time keeping him away from any kind of water.

We plan on goi;ng out to box again SOON, we wanted to go this weekend but hails had a game and ariel has a competion tomorrow. Either way I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!!!

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