Friday, July 23, 2010

Car seat redo..................

I loved my carseat\ jogging stroller  set up for aj, ok the stroller not so much!! Aj is 8 months old and normally in a few months or so he would be getting a big boy carseat. Well my baby at birth was 4 lb 8 oz!!! By the time we left the hospital he was 5lb 5 oz!!!! AT 5 months he still only weighed 8 lbs, at 8 months he only weighs about 13 lbs which is hard to believe because he eats like a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways he is gonna be in his lil' man car seat for a while:)
( pause to listen to the thunder and smell the RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!finally )
so I want to redo his carseat and I found this wonderful lady on etsy!!! she has tutorials for sale for bigger carseats to!

def considering buying a tutorial!!!!!!!!!

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