Sunday, July 11, 2010

Count your blessings Sunday!!!!!!!!

So this theme comes from my dear friend over at life's moments, by dear friend I mean not just through blog world, I mean by like we have known each other since I think our freshman year in high school!!!!! omgosh I just realized how long ago that was!!!!!!!ugh....I am getting old!!!!!
Anyways back on track ever sunday she counts up all the blessings in her life, and it dawned on me tonight, what an amazing idea, in a world were negatives are so present why not try to be aware and appreciative of all the positives!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here goes mine:

I am thankful for my red head beauty, shes amazes me and keeps me such good company when she is around, she is sweet, helpful, hilarious and so much more!!!

I am thankful for the 3 other munchkins I have, they are God's biggest blessing in my life!

I am thankful for my fireman of course, and I will be ever so thankful at 7 am when he gets off shift at the firehouse and wakes me up in the am!!!

I am thankful for my mom and dad and brothers and sister!!!!

I am thankful for my home it may not be much but God knows where we live:)

There ya have it my blessings!!!!

Now go read and enjoys Life's moments!!

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  1. You're falling behing young lady lol I'm waiting to hear what you were thankful for LAST WEEK 7/18! haha ;)