Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blogs to Check out.....

As we all know I blog stock like a crazy person, I am constently looking for fun new blogs to read! Whether they are crafty blogs(MY fav) but I love home decor, inspirational and a ton more blogs!
SO I thought I would show case some great blogs!

So if your in for some lovely crafts check out,


If crafting isn't your thing, how about some uplifting ispirational blogs!

        Kind over matter


A mermaid and her momma , inspiration, wittyness, and tons of fun! Guess what else this lady is walking in the 60 mile breast cancer walk for not only the first time the SECOND time! The hard part is she has to raise 2300 dollars!!!! Thats alot! So help her reach her reach her goal by Donating to her walk!!
My little hails already did! ( different post) coming soon!

A few other cute blogs that lurve to read is


The pleated poppy

Hope you enjoy some of these blogs, I know I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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