Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Breast cancer walk fundraiser

Thursday morning before school, hails and momma( me) were standing in the bathroom putting her hair up and she started talking about giving money to breast cancer( Im not sure were she figured out the whole breast cancer ribbon stuff but she did ) and she asked were she could get the money from and I said I wasn't sure, the subject was dropped and we talked about something else,and then right as we finished her hair-do she got so excited and said " mommy I can do a lemonaid stand"  and from there we planned out her Lemonaid and pickle stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ariel was home this wknd so she was excited to help out little miss hails too! we set up about 10:30 saturday morning,  and 5 mins into gettting everything set up Hails had her first costumer! I seriously have never seen the girl so excited! after that the girls both watched for cars to get close and the minute they did they both started jumping up and daown and yellingout why they were selling lemonaide!!!!!!!! If I didn't have to little boys crawling\running around it would have been much more enjoyable, but prince charming ended up getting called into work so we made do!!!!

Like I mentioned in my last post Ariel's mom is walking in the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk for the cure. This will be her second time walking the 60 miles for every woman she knows, and even the ones she doesn't know! Here's the link donate if you can:)      Help A mermaids momma walk!

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