Saturday, November 27, 2010

busy bee..

As everyone knows I love love to crochet, most things I can figure out without a pattern, but some things are lost on me. The problem I have is I have a really hard time reading patterns, actually most patterns I don't get at all!!!! Then searching through etsy a while ago I found a wonderful little shop, Innerhooker! Her prices are amazing and her patterns are Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No seriously a beginner could make just about anything in her shop! She also has a fun blog, and some seriously gorgeous babies!!!!!! anyways heres a sneak peak of some yarn goodness!!!!!!!
 For hails for Halloween i bought the owl pattern( well actually months before i bought it so I had plenty of procrastinaiton time before i started) but it came together so quickly, and easily, seriously this woman is amazing!

not the greatest picture but my daughter isn't exactly easy to photograph! have made a few others like her bow flapper hat, hails loves to wear it everywhere
Tell me that is not gorgeous!!!!!! still need to make me one too:)
now go check her out,Innerhooker, oooh and while your at it go check out her blog, The oxford fam, search thru her archives, its a blast!

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