Monday, October 18, 2010

Cross Country!

So are weekends have been full of running, literally running:) Not by us thank goodness by Our little Redhead!! She joined the cross country team at her school!!!! Yep! she's a runner! Her first race she made 62 out of 100-115 kids( sorry I dont remember exact numbers) and was pretty bummed:( Let alone is felt like it was 150 degrees outside!!
But she keep trying and her second race she made 37out of 95!!!!!
Last weeks race she made 14 out of 50!!!!!
 Yes she is amazing !!!!

The trip home after her second race she was passed out under a blanket asleep 15 mins after we headed home!!! I took pictures of her sleeping in the car but they seeem to have disapeared off my phone( yes I did pull over before I took the pic! hello Im a safe driver:)

But here are a few taking by everyone at the meet enjoy!!!!!!!!

                                                                     A and Daddy<3
                                                            A and her mom & dad
                                                                          The princess

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