Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blogger AWAL...err..MIA

Did I even spell that right? is there a way to spell that right?
Any ways I have been MIA I like that a ton better than AWAL (I know I know may not even be a word, def will be googling that later)
Anyways my reasoning? Life I guess, Hails started school, and getting on a schedule with the boys has been a hassle(especially when daddy is home 4 days straight a week) And daddy is way more fun than mom and her scheduling so we end up doing whatever for the 8 hrs hails is at school! It doesn't bother me to much, we get things done, like my secret project I posted like two months ago:) its still not done which is slightly frustrating, but we did get the grass slightly green in the front yard( the summer killed it) we got the weeds down too:) How is it that weeds can grow amazingly in the summer but the grass and flowers the burn!! We also got the fencing in the back part of the yard up need to go get more so we can get the sides fenced in to! Then gravel for the back driveway! Then maybe a nice barn\shed for all prince charming crap!
Either way we have been busy around home in my defense! But I do plan on blogging more:) I promise! I know I have said that before!

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