Monday, August 16, 2010

Late night crafting and a pillow obsession!

It's 11:30 here and in all reality I should be in bed sleeping, resting before I am awoken at 5 am by a little girl who is WAY excited to go to school, but I am not! I am blogging about late night craft projects( the only kind i have time to do) . Anyways I have an obsession over pillows lately, ever  since I made this one
for hailee girl for her nap time in school!

I want to make some throw pillows for my couch, but haven't went and picked out material yet, so I decided to make hailee a pillow for her bed and then one project lead to another!!!
SO with no further waiting here are my late night projects:)

THe pillow:)


And the apron!!!


yes it is tied around her pillow give me a break everyone was sleepin gand I needed a model!!:)
hope you enjoyed a little piece of my creative-ness:)

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  1. That pillow makes a great model and probably so cooperative! Thanks for visiting me on my new blog.. and for taking time to comment. i really appreciate it!!