Wednesday, August 3, 2011

being a grown up isn't always fun...

Things have been stressful lately. I have been clinging to the truths that I know. Those truths are that God has a  plan, bigger than any plan I could ever possibly fathom, a plan for our finances, a plan for our family, a plan for everything.....THat plan may or may not have me driving, living in and wearing the nicest hippest stuff or it may, those things shouldnt matter the bible says  "Do not love the world or the things in the world. If you love the world, the love of the Father is not in you." 1 John 2:15, sometimes I forget that material things as nice as they are to have don't matter, living for christ and being a Godly example to my children is what is important.

 I think sometimes I get so bogged down in the day to do and the moving on to the next thing, that I forget about the here and now, I forget to slow down, calm down and be present for my husband and my 3 babies. I have this favorite blog that I read all the time, I actually know the girl in person not just from her blog:) but if you know me I don't really talk to people, I have a habit of sticking to myself   (trying to work on that) anyhoo her blog is Live big Love bigger, Go check it out look at her amazing pictures, and drool! She has two of the cutest girls I have ever seen other than my girl, but hey I could be a little bias on that. Back to my point today has been especcially trying and it seems like the minute we think we have things figured out, something else falls apart, today on the above mentioned blog there was a bible verse it read

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.
                                                                                                       Ecclesiastes 3:15

It doesn't say following Christ gives you all "good" seasons with no trials, it says theres a time for everything the good and the bad and as much as I dislike the bad there are lessons to learn from it...There is a sign hanging in my parents house or my sisters I don't remember which one but it says And this to shall pass, my prayer today is that I remember that...


  1. I am glad your found encouragement from my posting, that gives me encouragement! ;)

  2. I did and do often! Thanks for putting it out there for all of us to read!