Wednesday, February 24, 2010

pasta salad.................

So as a new theme on my blog I want to start " A recipe a week" So once a week I am going to post a new recipe I have made! Today It is pasta salad!!!!!!! My hubby loves loves this stuff! He ussually takes the entire pot to the firehouse to errrr share well he really doesnt share, sometimes with my bro in law that works with him but not very often! Anyways here it goes

Pasta boil away till soft
viniger  about 1 cup and and half ( or to your taste)
4 cups italian dressing~

cajun seasoning
tomato basil
cucumber dill
salt pepper

I add carrots, cucumbers
celery radishes LOTS of olives and sometimes the links of pre-cooked sausage!

THere you have it!! My kids are in love with it! Its a great way to get them to eat there veggys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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