Wednesday, March 31, 2010


SO I have nice couches but I want white couches!! I would be more than happy with slipcovers! but I want to make a slip cover!!! I saw this beauty!!!
I found it on this blog, the lady has a wonderfully cute house!!!

SO if anyone has any ideas on how to make a slipcover or find a pattern let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!please asap!!:)


  1. hey, i've seen that sofa before;0) i have a lazy girl tutorial on my blog, but i'm currently working on a more detailed slipcover ebook. i don't use a pattern as each piece of furniture is unique. i pin fit the fabric on. click on slipcovers to find the tutorial.

  2. Just saw you became a follower so I had to check your blog out! You've got a lot of cute stuff on here! I'll be back :-)