Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yarn lovey!

I love yarn, I love all the different colors it comes in, and I love my huge collection of it!! A dear lady I know in town had a ton of yarn she didn't want, and one day after seeing my princess peas hat asked if I would love to go through it and get what I want out of it!! I said sure how much are you asking per roll? Lady: oh you can just have all you want!
Me: omg that is so amazing thank you!!!
Lady: oh and I have fabric you can go through also
Me: I'm in heaven!
Anyways these are two of the huge spools of yarns I picked out they are so bright and pretty and princess pea is madly in love with anything bright and beautiful ( kinda like her momma) so hopefully buy the end of the day or tomarrow my project will be done and you can see!!!!
The blue def looks brighter in person:) think neon blue:)

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