Thursday, January 27, 2011

15 facts

1. I love my kids and husband more than life itself.
2. I spend way to much time online.
3. I don't like being around a ton of people, I am not good at talking to people, that will probably never change:)
4. I stress ALOT over the littlest things, it drives my husband crazy.
5.I am unorganized, I try to be and really want to be but no matter how hard I try my world is chaotic:)
6.I am scared to death of the dark, and hate to be home alone.
7. I miss being young, when my parents told me not to grow up to fast I should have listened
8. I love anything crafty
9. I redecorate something once a week
10. I am a safety freak when it comes to my kids, I hate the idea of them riding n vehicles with someone else other than hubs and I, I hate that our house has a split floor plan because they are away from me.
11. I cried everyday for the first week that Hailee went to school, sometimes I still catch myself when I see my little princess and her big backpack walking into class
12. I love spicy foods, I put hot sauce on just about everything
13. I drink dr,pepper way more than I should
14. I start tons of projects and never finish them
15. I love love love the ocean, I could sit on the beach forever, hearing the ocean brings me peace. I dream of having a house on the ocean one day:)

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