Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vacation pics.....finally:) part 1

Well it has been a crazy few weeks since our 3 wk vacation, between reno on our house, birthday parties, and one sick little baby and fun hospital stays ( were I currantly am, more on that later) . The trip was a blast relaxing all day, staying up to the wee hours of the morning visiting and and playing tony hawk on the wii. We spent the days from christmas morning on sledding and enjoying 14 inches plus of snow, yummy food, and family. There was no phone service at all, which at first was a bummer, no internet which was a big bummer for me, unless you walked up the 2 mile hike to the lodge ( did I mention our suv couldnt even back out of the driveway of the cabin?) Lets just say internet wasn't worth walking uphill in snow\ice just to get online!!!!
Anyways enjoy the pictures, we enjoyed actually seeing it, truly beautiful country!

***warning picture heavy***

There's a few errrr alot of them more to come later.

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