Friday, May 25, 2012

patience and positive thinking

Lately I have been irritable, not just a little 29 weeks pregnant irritable, ALOT irritable. With my husband, with my kids, with everyone really. The people that get the main part of the craptastic attitude though, are the ones that are by far the most important, least deserving ones. My family!
So while researching the internet I came across an Ebook called Mindset for Moms by Jamie C. Martin. So I went ahead downloaded in ibooks and started reading, thinking I would get a Chapter in and be done with it. I have never been big on reading the "self help books" but by chapter three, I was hooked it made sense, the more I keep reading it made even more sense!
Here's a few of my favorite excerpts:

"The way to live a life of miracles is to expect life to be full of miracles. It's called faith. It's available for the taking."
"What if instead, you believe your vision could work out, that the abundant life was yours for the taking, that by expecting the best not only would you be blessed, but you could also impacted the lives of your family and the world?"
Begin doing what you want now. We have only this moment, sparkling life a star in our hands and melting life a snowflake. Let us use it before its to late.- Marie Beynon Ray
I can't say that I will never yell and scream again, because in reality thats a lie. I don't want to sow anger into my children, I want to sow kindness, gentleness, patience and positive thinking. I can say that I am going to try my best to be patient with them, and remember that they are young and need my guidence as there mommy, and remember how blessed I AM to be given the chance to be their mom!

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