Friday, May 25, 2012

Insta friday

life rearranged

I am linking up my weekly phone pictures with jeannett!!!

This week has been long, we have hardly seen Lee, he has been working, working, and more worrking. between the firehouse, and the ambulance crew he has been busy!!

This being hailee's last week in school, and before Lee went back to work for 3 days we decided to take the kids out to box canyon and let them play and lee and I relax a little, how can you not relax out here?? perfectly quiet!!!
Up far to late editing pictures from said trip!!
The little man would not sleep anywhere, but in my arms while i edited pictures! talk about multi-tasking!!!
These two are cousins, but pretty sure the little blondies could pass for brothers!!

Sadiest part of the week, my sister and her family moving to Wyoming, breaks my heart that little quincy won't be around! I love that little man!!! oh and my sister too:)
Happiest part of my week Hailee girl's last day of school!!!!!We will be working on our summer fun list this week!!!
And because he is so cute, and an angel when he sleeps

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