Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fabulous blog

WEll as we all know I blog stalk like a crazy girl, and on my adventures in blog land yesterday I came across an amazing blog, actually just plain prettiful ( i know thats not really a word, is it?) I spend a good two hours looking thru this wonderful ladies blog, I fell in love with her houe, and her daughters were so beautiful, and creative! THis wonderful lady isn't just a fabulous interior designer, she's extremely inspirational, her life handed her so much more than I now I could take and still have faith in the good LOrd, but to this day on her blog she is loving and praising the man up stairs!!! WHo is this you ask ?? actually you are probably think OMgoodness get on with who it is so we can go blog stalk her blog.................ok, ok, her I go My new fav blog is...Melanie from  prettiesandposies.blogspot.com!! I found her looking thru my other fav blog(i use that word liberally) Maria I am in love with her blog too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SEriously check out both of there blogs!!!!

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