Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spring grass!

Don't you love the smell of fresh cut grass? I know I do! I am sitting out front watching the hubby cut grass( he finally decided to cut grass after putting it off for the last 2wks) I get this over whelming feeling of thankfulness, I have a nice house a yard that is pretty wonderful full of gorgeous rich green grass, bolgavillas, oleanders, and flowers of many sorts! Its no were near a mansion but it is home, its were we have had the pleasure of making so many wonderful memories, watch our kids grow up so far! I am thankful for my amazing husband, he's extremely understanding, care, loving ,funny to the point of rolling on the floor laugh my behind off!!! If the Lord came for us tomorrow I couldn't say - was ready because there are a million things left I want to do but I could say thank you for the amazing life he gave me! I'm thankful for my kids they are amazing and light up my day! I'm thankful for friends new and old! I'm thankful for the warm sun shining on me right now! What are you thankful for? I really want to hear so post your thankfuls and post your link in my comment box!! I can't wait to read them!!!
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