Friday, May 14, 2010


Is constently moving, changing, sometimes we get so caught up in it that we forget to bask in the moments,in small moments with our children, husband and friends.

I had a quiet drive to pheonix to pick up my step daughter from school for the weekend, as I got close I saw 2 younger children walking down the road, and I was takin back to my 13 birthday party it was rainy and my mom had made me a huge brownie with tweety bird on top( yes old school tweety was cool, heck at one point I had my room and all my bedding and bathroom done in tweety bird!) after the party was over we headed to get gas and I remember looking out the window thinking next 14 then 15 and then 16........ Fast forward to 16 I met the prince charmin, 17 engaged, and by 18 I was married with a 5 month old ( yes we had our first baby together before we were married), by 20 we were on the verge on divorce with 2 childrenin the mix and at that point it wasn't looking like it was going to be a pretty one, but thank God above my parent and sister and brothers stepped in and really helped guide us and be there for both of us! We worked hard and prayed harder for our marriage and family to work through our problems! Well we are happy as ever 3 yrs later! That little angel we had when we got married starts school this year. We have 4 healthy beatiful happy children running around our house at any given time and through the day sometimes I forget to slow down and enjoy their little quirks and soak in their innocence, my goal from now on is to sit down and color or play toys with them more often, I want to incourage a deep faith in Christ, inspire creativity and love and hope!

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