Tuesday, March 22, 2011

THe big 24............

So at the beginning of the month I turned 24, I seriously have never wanted to turn older than 21:(
24 isn't old by any means, and in all reality you are only as old as you feel, and I don't feel old most days anyways!

Sitting here thinking about it the last 6 years have flown by and I have been at the top, hit rock bottom and climbed back out, truly life has been amazing to me in retrospect.Tough sometimes but amazing. Everyone goes through hard times, every one makes mistakes, but then again they are what teach us and show us how to grow.
In my case my mistakes have taught me whats important, whats important to me to my journey through this life. It taught me who is important, who i need and want with me in this life. my husband and kids are a few of the people ( the most important ones) my mom and dad, my brothers and sisters, I know who my real friends are, as high school as that sounds, life is nothing without friends that you can trust, and cry to and tell all your problems too! My dad use to tell me that you can count the number of true friends you have on one hand, and most the time you won't fill up one hand. I never understood that until I was older and he's right, and I am SO blessed to count my 4 siblings as those "true friends" , we fight, we argue, and we ALL have different opinions on EVERYTHING,but we all bring something amazing to the table.

I couldn't imagine living farther than an hr from any of them. Sadly come May my favorite sissy will be following Gods plan for her and her  husband and my sure to be beautiful baby neice or nephew and will be moving to wyoming!!!!!!!!!!!!! yep tears come to my eyes just thinking about it! GReat now Im balling my eyes out..........just a sec..........ok im back!

my littlest brother will be shipped off to boot camp in may too, he enlist last yr and has to wait to walk across the stage for gradutation to head out on his adventure, oh great here we go again, no im fine!!!!!!! my other brother is moving up to my parents property up north, my other brother( sadly yes I grew up with 3 brothers and only one sister) got married dec of 2010 so he's a busy bee:)
my point in this post is that, last year was amazing, and I hope things get better, I know there is still a ton I need to work on like getting my feelings hurt easily, and I don't hold a grudge so much as I hold on to the hurt. I am insecure, I constently worry about hurting peoples feelings or upsetting them, while I always try to NEVEr purposely hurt someones feeling, I need to speak up, and let them know I have an opinion in the nicest way possible. I realize that I can be around people that I don't agree with.
My husband always say I let people walk all over me( he says it in the nicest way possible) and I agree with him I do it goes back to the above I have an opinion and I have a choice, def a need to work on!
 i want to remember to live in the moment at hand, not constently be worried or thinking about the future,about bills and chores, those things have there place in my life for sure, but they don't need to steal my time with my family and my friends. People say it all the time to live in the moment, but its harder than you think! Another big need to work on!
2011 is going to be an amazing year and next yr I hope i can say I have made a huge step in acomplishing all these!

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