Wednesday, March 9, 2011

daddy daughter dance 2011

Again this year Lee got to attend the father daughter dance with little miss Ariel, they went last year and hailee tagged along. This year she wanted to stay with momma and shop at target!! woohoo no little boys with us, fun suff!
We got to Ariels moms house to pick Ariel up and boom she changes her mind!!!!! Apparently shopping with mom wasn't nearly as much fun as going to a dance with sissy and daddy!
Since when!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well thankfully Nicki had a dress on hand that fit Hailee, and Hailee got to take home( Thanks N) and mom got dropped off at target to shop and look around kid free!
I have to admit at first I was bummed my little mini me ditched me, but seriously I forgot what it was like to shop by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was fun!
Anyways I don't have many pictures maybe two that turned out but I thought I would share!

ahem..Ariel did you really need to look at us, that would have been a super cute picture I could have bugged your mom till I got! jeeze girl !!!!!!!!! Anyways enjoy!

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  1. I just downloaded my pics... and the funny part... you got the pic of ariel... but the picture on my lens is of your photogenic bug... I'm running out the door and will email them when I return!!