Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's hard to believe November is already here, it seems like I was just barely writing about getting ready for THIS trip. I guess time flies when you are having fun!!!!!!!!
 Anyways back to the orginal point of this post! Halloween of course! We truly had a blast. Ussually we stick around town for halloween but it was getting pretty boring, so we decided to change it up! Plus this was the last yr that we would have ARiel on halloween before she was a teenager ( we rotate off every yr with her mom) so we wanted to make it special!
As a kid I wasn't EVER aloud to celebrate H-ween but always had this picture stuck in my head of tree lined falling leave streets, it being nice and cool, tons of people all in costume, and decorated house ect.
Well last night thats exactly what we got!!!!
People went all out in prescott!! Mt. Vernon is the main road we hit, its a road I swore Id have a house on when I grew up! I didnt realize that house had a hefty price tag of about 400000-800000! Yikes!!! Im still dreaming:)
Anyways enough enough you are in it for pics so here goes!
Warning picture heavy!!

This maze was so fun! I screamed the kids screamed and aj well he was throwing punches at anyone who tried to scary him..no seriously he was!!! We had a fabulous night hope every one else did too! Now on to thanksgiving!

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