Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family outing..WARNING picture heavy!


Wow the zoo is popular lately:) This trip was actually back in January, I’m a procrastinator and am just now blogging it:( No Buenos, need to work on that…..maybe tomorrow:) ha-ha

Anyways we were on an overload of reno crap, oh wait we hadn’t even started


yet! We had just barely bought all the crap:) that was stressful enough!

fontana and home 789

So we decided to take the kids to the Heritage park Zoo in Prescott, it’s a small zoo but our kids have been to the wild life zoo quite a few times, and this one was kind of fun because my parents took me to this zoo when I was Hailee’s age! We ended up buying the membership so we can go all yr long for free:) plus we get half off a number of other zoo's!

  fontana and home 752 fontana and home 756

Plus we LOVE Prescott, whenever we want to get away that’s were we go! Its absolutely beautiful up there and there is a ton to do outdoors!

fontana and home 758  fontana and home 760 fontana and home 764   fontana and home 774  

fontana and home 801


We didn’t even go in this room Hubby took these pictures because the minute you opened the door there were 5 rattle snake rattling at you! very creepy and scary and I couldn’t force myself to go in, yes I am a wimp along with all kids!  fontana and home 803


Baby Aj got tired of riding in his stroller about half way thru so we switched off carrying his 25 pound behind!

fontana and home 812  fontana and home 824fontana and home 830 fontana and home 831

There was also a huge play area, the kids played on for a while, ran and climbed off all that energy! baby Aj love’s the swings!

fontana and home 832 fontana and home 838 fontana and home 840 fontana and home 842 fontana and home 843 fontana and home 845

These little monkey things were so cute! I swear they were posing for the camera! I’m pretty sure they aren’t monkey things but for the life of me I can’t remember there names:)

fontana and home 866 fontana and home 870 




These pictures of Char Crack me up, I love how it blurs him out in one and the tiger in the next! We stood there forever, and the minute I started snapping pictures the tiger started growling, apparently he’s shy:)

    fontana and home 884fontana and home 882

All in all it was fun and relaxing, just what we needed!

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