Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hailee Denmark


Hails drives me crazy on a hourly basis, maybe even every few minutes( no just kidding,maybe) she is my identical twin, we have the exact same annoying habits, we are both stubborn( or hardheaded as my husband would say) we both love to argue, we both are emotional, we get our feelings hurt WAY to easy, and that's just a few. So you can see why me and princess pea clash!



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I read a post today on one of the many blogs I follow and it was saying for every time you discipline your child you praise them 10 times, that is a daunting task, but it made me think, I am correcting my children 50 plus percent of the day, how often am I praising them for the things they do? The smallest things, like saying thank you, or sharing a toy, or playing with each other nicely. Of course I always praises them for big things they do, I need to remember to lift the up for the little things.
Even though Hails finds every way in the word to argue with me, she is an amazing little girl.

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She may refuse to clean her room, but she loves helping momma get dinner ready. I don't even have to ask her to set the table she does it automatically.

She cleans off the table after dinner, cleans the floor no questions asked.

She loves to do dishes to but momma thinks she's a little to young just yet for that! she loves to sew, and is dying to learn to crochet, she's forgiving, she kind, she helps take care of her brothers, I couldn’t ask for a better daughter!

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