Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zoo trip!!!


Hailee’s class went to the wild life today, and finally there was a field trip

That parents got to go on!!!!

originally Hailee wanted her dad to attend with her, but last minute changed her mind and mom got to go!

zoo 124

It was a blast, definitely a long day, but fun! We had a blast feeding the birds (I did not hails she would have nothing to do with this) and then rushed out of the cages before “ what went in came out” :) HaHA! Then we headed to the petting zoo, it took a while for princess pea to love the idea of animals eating out of her hand, but after a few minutes she got use to it!

  zoo 138

zoo 139

After the petting zoo we finally ate lunch( umm hello I was starving and the fresh pineapple in our lunch box was calling my name) After lunch we headed to the Giraffes and then a mad dash to the Aquarium!

zoo 193       

zoo 155zoo 198

The zoo was a blast, and I loved spending time with princess!

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